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Imperial Valley Living provides comprehensive advertising media planning and management services to clients in Imperial County and surrounding regions. We specialize in:

Public outreach efforts
Product and service promotions
Political campaigns
General brand awareness

We can help you reach a wider audience with a more realistic and unbiased media mix. We'll also assist with the targeting of specific audiences using multiple marketing formats and creative scheduling tactics. Effectively communicate in English, Spanish or bilingually. Translation and campaign transcreation services available in-house.

Eliminate the confusion, frustration, and wasted time of working directly with a multitude of media vendors. Let Imperial Valley Living be your representative and single point of contact so you can focus on your business goals. Our standard management package includes all necessary vendor coordination and communication, media research, campaign budgeting, media negotiations and scheduling, ad placement, clipping and complete auditing of all related invoices. You'll get one invoice instead of ten - and will have the confidence that invoice is based on what was actually provided for you. Extended services in direct mail, e-marketing, websites, social media management and search engine optimization available. Graphic design, photography, illustration, copywriting, A/V production, and commercial printing services may be bundled upon request or when required.

Serving the cities of Brawley, Calexico, Calipatria, El Centro, Holtville, Imperial and Westmorland since 2003.

Imperial Valley Living does not offer political or public affairs campaign committee management, lobbying, or PAC coordination services. However, we will work with your campaign team or contractor to provide the best solution to fit your goals and available budget.

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